Saturday, March 3, 2012

PSA - Backup your pictures people!!!!

Although we're very fortunate to be living the life we are, we have had more then our share of "first world" problems this week.  And in a few words, I can't wait to put this week to rest and start fresh!!

But the icing on the cake was today.  Saturday of all days!!  We woke up to some major fence damage in our backyard due to the high winds in our area last night.  Then I noticed that all of our pictures were gone off the computer. GONE. OMG I think I started hyperventilating.  On the plus side, *most* of the pictures have been uploaded to Costco already (my online, offsite photo storage ;)) However, there were quite a few that weren't. 

So for an hour, while DH was on the phone with some online support, and I was pacing the house "cleaning", all I could think of is WHY didn't we back up the pictures before this happenned.  ugh.

Ironically the fix was simple.  Something about a shortcut being deleted and my pictures are safe and sound.  But you can bet your bottom dollar my pictures will be getting backed up the beginning of each month from this moment on.

Back up your pictures, that's my PSA to you on this windy day.


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