Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Dr. Suess Day!!

I have always been the person who needs to have a book on the go, no matter where I go.  As a kid, even on a short car ride to our cousins in the next town I needed *something*.  A chapter book, an Archie comic- just something to entertain me on the mundane ride.

Even now, when we go somewhere longer then a 30 minute drive I take a magazine, a book or now my Kindle.  You get the point, right.  I LOVE TO READ!!!

So imagine my surprise when somehow I realized I married a "non-reader".  Oh, he can read.  He just doesn't like to.  He'll read the paper.  He'll read instructions (sometimes).  But to pick up a book and read??  No way!!  Actually, scratch that, he did read the whole Lord of the Rings series while the movies were coming out, but that's about it.

Now, sadly DS who is 6 is pretty much a non reader.  Part of it is lack of confidence as he can't read all the words and gets easily frustrated. Part of it is he'd rather play video games.  Part of it is he just doesn't find it fun.

That's where Dr. Suess comes in and saves my behind :) The words are smaller and goofy, the story is interesting and it's actually FUN for him.  He enjoys the wackiness of the story and I love that he gets confidence from reading so well.

His first book he read himself was Green Eggs and Ham.  After much coaxing to get started, he read the whole book by himself!!  We've also read Red Fish, Blue Fish, Hop on Pop, Oh the Places You'll Go and The Thinks You Can Think.

We've read them all several times and they're our go to books when I find he's struggling with his school dictated reading books.  I think for anyone who's struggling with reading, these books would be a great resource for any home library.

Thank you Dr. Suess for writing books that are fun even for non readers :)


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  1. Kristina, I too am a voracious reader. I even went to library school so I could have a job where books were all around!

    My kids weren't great readers as kids, but somewhere along the line they discovered a book -- Goosebumps for my son and for my daughter The Giver -- which really grabbed them and changed their attitude about reading. Now as young adults they suggest books for me to read.

    Hooray for Dr Seuss, and your example as a reader -- it makes more difference than you know!