Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The best laid plans ....

In a perfect world, I like to plan my menus on Fridays.  It gives me a chance to look over the weekend flyers, pick up things that are on sale (to go with the items already in my pantry and freezer) and get some of the prep/freezer cooking done over the weekend when the dinner hour isn’t so frantic.
But this is isn’t a perfect world.  This is our chaotic life. 
This week the plan is nice and simple.  Considering 1) I’m basically flying by the seat of my pants and 2) it’s already Wednesday!!
We don’t typically have themes but it’s more determined by what we have going on in the evenings.
Monday is always leftover day. DH is AMAZING with leftovers.  As DS has swimming lessons on Mondays and I am chauffeur that day, Monday is “quick” leftover night.  We get home from swimming about 7 minutes after DH gets home and EVERYONE is starving.
The rest of the week is pretty routine – karate twice, no dinner meetings for DH or I and because of the gorgeous weather, we’d like to get outside to enjoy the sunshine before we get a last blast of winter.
Monday – Leftover steak with noodles. 
Tuesday – Chicken Tacos. Everyone’s favorite.

Thursday Р(BBQ) Steak, saut̩ed mushrooms and corn.
Friday – Baked fish and broccoli for DH & I.  McD’s for DS ;)
Next week, I’ll try get this posted for Monday for those of you who try and get your menus planned for the week then ;) 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

PSA - Backup your pictures people!!!!

Although we're very fortunate to be living the life we are, we have had more then our share of "first world" problems this week.  And in a few words, I can't wait to put this week to rest and start fresh!!

But the icing on the cake was today.  Saturday of all days!!  We woke up to some major fence damage in our backyard due to the high winds in our area last night.  Then I noticed that all of our pictures were gone off the computer. GONE. OMG I think I started hyperventilating.  On the plus side, *most* of the pictures have been uploaded to Costco already (my online, offsite photo storage ;)) However, there were quite a few that weren't. 

So for an hour, while DH was on the phone with some online support, and I was pacing the house "cleaning", all I could think of is WHY didn't we back up the pictures before this happenned.  ugh.

Ironically the fix was simple.  Something about a shortcut being deleted and my pictures are safe and sound.  But you can bet your bottom dollar my pictures will be getting backed up the beginning of each month from this moment on.

Back up your pictures, that's my PSA to you on this windy day.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Dr. Suess Day!!

I have always been the person who needs to have a book on the go, no matter where I go.  As a kid, even on a short car ride to our cousins in the next town I needed *something*.  A chapter book, an Archie comic- just something to entertain me on the mundane ride.

Even now, when we go somewhere longer then a 30 minute drive I take a magazine, a book or now my Kindle.  You get the point, right.  I LOVE TO READ!!!

So imagine my surprise when somehow I realized I married a "non-reader".  Oh, he can read.  He just doesn't like to.  He'll read the paper.  He'll read instructions (sometimes).  But to pick up a book and read??  No way!!  Actually, scratch that, he did read the whole Lord of the Rings series while the movies were coming out, but that's about it.

Now, sadly DS who is 6 is pretty much a non reader.  Part of it is lack of confidence as he can't read all the words and gets easily frustrated. Part of it is he'd rather play video games.  Part of it is he just doesn't find it fun.

That's where Dr. Suess comes in and saves my behind :) The words are smaller and goofy, the story is interesting and it's actually FUN for him.  He enjoys the wackiness of the story and I love that he gets confidence from reading so well.

His first book he read himself was Green Eggs and Ham.  After much coaxing to get started, he read the whole book by himself!!  We've also read Red Fish, Blue Fish, Hop on Pop, Oh the Places You'll Go and The Thinks You Can Think.

We've read them all several times and they're our go to books when I find he's struggling with his school dictated reading books.  I think for anyone who's struggling with reading, these books would be a great resource for any home library.

Thank you Dr. Suess for writing books that are fun even for non readers :)


OLW Blog Hop - March

Or  how my friend ScrappnBee has saved my procrastinating butt!!  Thanks Amanda J

I will completely admit to my epic fail.  I thought about this month’s prompt.  Really I did. But the pictures didn’t come.  And I forgot I signed up for this blog hop because I am (still!) so excited about this project, I think I signed up on the first day and then totally forgot about the deadline.
I decided this morning to have a bit of a break from reading Company Procedures and the first updated blog on my list was Amanda’s (ScrappnBee).  All I can say is thank goodness, someone was on the ball!!!  I was in panic mode because HOLY BATMAN I completely forgot to post!
So here’s my photo spread for my word : FOCUS

So from top left and moving across, this is what I would like to focus more on this year :
My family (and the one and only picture actually taken with my camera!!),
eating healthy; especially veggies!!
this quote is great -When you stop chasing the wrong things, the rights things come and find you
sunsets - which to me = relaxation
colourful balloons - happiness and fun times
running shoe - well, running and exercise ;)
stack of books - more reading and learning
happy face - no brainer here - be happy!!
interesting artwork - something that just made me smile.

I will admit that due to my procrastination, other then the picture of my family ….  The rest of these pictures were linked up from Pinterest or Google Images.  I’ll link up exactly where this weekend, well maybe not.  The quote, asparagus and sunset were Pinterest, rest were Google Image.
Again, sorry for being late and dropping the ball here.  Thank goodness March is a longer month ;)  I promise, next month this post will be much, MUCH better!!
Here’s where you’re going next J
Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what we are up to! (hop live at 8AM PST)

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