Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to the Weight Watchers bandwagon ...

As Cathy Zielske likes to say in the Move More Eat Well Class, "so that happenned...", today was one of those days.

So over the weekend, I decided I needed to get back on the WW bandwagon.  Sadly, I had no idea how far I had strayed from my allotted point count for the day ...  and I was thinking THIS WAS A GOOD DAY!! ugh

On a positive note, my Quinoa Chili (linked below) is only 3.5 points per serving :)  However, my leftover turkey casserole was a whopping 7.5 points per serving.

Oh well.  So that happenned.  Now it's time to move on.  And moving I will be tonight.  Need to work off part of those 6 extra points I ate today ;)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Like I said, we're back on the wagon.  Planning meals, eating healthy and moving on.  Usually when I've done the meal planning in advance DH poo-poo's the idea and the plan goes to crap.

WELL.  Imagine my surprise when he suggested to me this past weekend we need to plan out our meals better.  YAY!

So in preparation, I've poked through the freezer to see what we have (previous freezer meals) and spent the better part of the afternoon on Pinterest.  Let's hope there were some good ones ;)

Monday:  Quinoa Chili

Tuesday: Maple Glazed Salmon

Wednesday: leftovers - I made WW 0 point Cabbage Soup on the weekend so this is also on the leftover list ...  if there's any left ;)

Thursday: Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken

Friday: Takeout.  I'm actually craving the salad from Montforts so I'm hoping to convince DH to pick that up on his way home.

I'm also going to attempt these at some point : Pumpkin Scones

So if you're reading, do you menu plan?  What are you planning for the week?


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Right now ....

There have been a few blog posts along these lines and I love the idea so here goes ...

6:42, our house, on the couch ...

Listening to DS and DH playing Minecraft.  The new XBox addiction for both.

Eating nothing.  Just had dinner.  0 point WW Cabbage Soup.  Still a bit hungry though.  This diet stuff is sucky :(

Drinking water.  Just plain ol' tap water.

Wearing yoga pants and a workout shirt.  No socks and unwashed hair in a ponytail.

Feeling content.  Life is good.

Weather has been cloudy and chilly all day.  Raining on and off.

Wanting to eat something, but I'm either going to grab some veggies or chew gum instead.

Needing a pedicure.  Yet another thing that didn't get crossed off the list this summer.

Thinking of my next batch of letters for my consulting biz, not happy with how the wording has been so far.

Enjoying spending this wonderful weekend with my boys.  Again, life is good.

Whoa! Where did that summer go???

I knew it had been awhile that I hadn't posted on my blog ...  but I had no idea it has been THIS long!

Summer was a whirlwind of renovations, taking the next few steps with my consulting business, lots of sports time for the little guy and many, MANY family filled weekends either poolside or at the beach.  A wonderful summer it was :)

Now that we're back to the routine of school and work, new schedule for sports and activities with a couple of birthday parties tossed in for fun it's time to add the blog back into the mix.

I have some plans for this week to get my momentum going, but until then, for my fellow Canucks I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend :)