Sunday, October 7, 2012

Right now ....

There have been a few blog posts along these lines and I love the idea so here goes ...

6:42, our house, on the couch ...

Listening to DS and DH playing Minecraft.  The new XBox addiction for both.

Eating nothing.  Just had dinner.  0 point WW Cabbage Soup.  Still a bit hungry though.  This diet stuff is sucky :(

Drinking water.  Just plain ol' tap water.

Wearing yoga pants and a workout shirt.  No socks and unwashed hair in a ponytail.

Feeling content.  Life is good.

Weather has been cloudy and chilly all day.  Raining on and off.

Wanting to eat something, but I'm either going to grab some veggies or chew gum instead.

Needing a pedicure.  Yet another thing that didn't get crossed off the list this summer.

Thinking of my next batch of letters for my consulting biz, not happy with how the wording has been so far.

Enjoying spending this wonderful weekend with my boys.  Again, life is good.

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