Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week in the Life - 2012

Bad, BAD blogger!!!
I just realized I haven’t blogged in ages ...  well, a couple of weeks anyway.  Life has been a little hectic lately for some reason.
But I really am hoping to keep up this week. Why THIS week in particular?? Because it’s Ali’s “Week in the Life” week.  For those of you who don’t know what WITL is, it’s simple.  It’s like Project Life on steroids.  More of an hour by hour capture of what’s going on. 

Here’s a link for more info J

Also, Big Picture Classes has a FREE forum ready to go.  Not sure if I’m going to sign up for the forum, because I’ll end up chatting more than scrapping.  But it’s there for anyone who’s interested.

I am no way an expert on this project, but I really do love it J  It’s a way to focus on the everyday and enjoy the little things in life.
A few pictures I plan on taking every day are:
What I’m wearing to work.
My lunch & supper.
The temperature, also probably a long range forecast at the beginning of the week.
The actual weather outside.
Different clocks and times of day.
Aim for a self portrait everyday, besides the work outfit.
TV shows we watch.
Video games DS is playing.
Prices of things : gas, milk at the store, flyers this week
Also, I'm hoping to remember to take a picture of my mileage before I leave for work in the morning - it would be interesting to see how much I really do drive over a week.

And yes, my house is *tidy* but it’s not super duper clean.  So this week will be a true picture of what life is like at our house – messyness and all.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Right here, right now ....

Happy Good Friday everyone!!

Note, this picture was taken less then 12 hours ago ...  no way am I posting a picture of myself in my *just woken up* state.  Besides, I think I looked pretty good yesterday ...  hence the self portrait photo shoot ;)

listening: to DH and DS playing on the computer and TV on in the background
eating: Just finished breakfast, eggs with hash browns
drinking: Coffee from breakfast, light cream with sugar
wearing: pyjamas (blue, new from Costco).  No judging, it's only 9:25am ;)
feeling: very, very happy I'm home with the family this weekend & excited for Red Loster with my SIL this afternoon
weather: sunny, but cool
watching: 'Super Why and other kids programming on CBC
reading: 'Catching Fire' by Suzanne Collins (Kindle) and 'In a Nutshell' by Janet Evanovich (real book)
waiting: for some motivation to start cleaning the house 
wanting: This weekend to go very ,very, slowly. And to savor every moment of it.
needing: To squeeze a run this afternoon to offset the insane amount of food ahead ;) 
thinking: about getting some journalling done on some scrapbook layouts and calling my Mom.
enjoying: the lazy morning - haven't had one in awhile
wondering: if my stomach can handle Red Lobster today - I'm still feeling off.
wishing: that I can enjoy this weekend without any family drama.