Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The best laid plans ....

In a perfect world, I like to plan my menus on Fridays.  It gives me a chance to look over the weekend flyers, pick up things that are on sale (to go with the items already in my pantry and freezer) and get some of the prep/freezer cooking done over the weekend when the dinner hour isn’t so frantic.
But this is isn’t a perfect world.  This is our chaotic life. 
This week the plan is nice and simple.  Considering 1) I’m basically flying by the seat of my pants and 2) it’s already Wednesday!!
We don’t typically have themes but it’s more determined by what we have going on in the evenings.
Monday is always leftover day. DH is AMAZING with leftovers.  As DS has swimming lessons on Mondays and I am chauffeur that day, Monday is “quick” leftover night.  We get home from swimming about 7 minutes after DH gets home and EVERYONE is starving.
The rest of the week is pretty routine – karate twice, no dinner meetings for DH or I and because of the gorgeous weather, we’d like to get outside to enjoy the sunshine before we get a last blast of winter.
Monday – Leftover steak with noodles. 
Tuesday – Chicken Tacos. Everyone’s favorite.

Thursday – (BBQ) Steak, sautéed mushrooms and corn.
Friday – Baked fish and broccoli for DH & I.  McD’s for DS ;)
Next week, I’ll try get this posted for Monday for those of you who try and get your menus planned for the week then ;) 

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