Thursday, January 26, 2012

January classes - status update :)

I have to admit that as busy as life is right now, I would not change a thing.

Because of Move More, Eat Well, I am getting on the bike *almost* every night after dinner.  Pop in a DVD (usually an old episode of One Tree Hill or How I Met Your Mother), bring my water bottle and Kindle (for blog reading) and I am good for 30-40 minutes.  I still need to work on the *eating well* part of the plan....  Somehow, having a Quarter Pounder with cheese combo for lunch yesterday does not fit well into the *eating well* plan. I also need to work on the actual layouts for this class ..... that is definitely on the list for this weekend!!  YIKES - canèt believe I forgot about the scrapping part!

I finished my January page for One Little Word in record time :)  I think it was done shortly after my last blog post!!  I will be participating in a blog hop on February 1st.  Come back and have a peek - I am THRILLED with how my page turned out!!

Project Life is a bit on the back burner (for now). DH had set up our new computer just after Christmas and it has taken me UNTIL NOW to figure out how to make my albums and tag photos and such.  But I have been taking loads of notes and keeping bits of details of our lives.  I might try and play some catch-up this weekend if the boys cooperate (aka if they entertain themselves with video games as usual).

But the one class I am so SUPER DUPER excited about is Twelve. 

I LOVE that there is something new to think about almost every day. 
I LOVE that the message board is hopping and there is so much inspiration there.
I LOVE how excited Stacy is in her messages and you can *hear* her hyper voice, even in the written material.
I LOVE that I have more then 200 page ideas floating around and I have somewhere to be keeping all these fabulous ideas!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this class!!!

I have completed 8 of the 12 layouts for this month.  I am SOOOOO  going to meet that 12 layouts a month!!

Now that we are all back into the routine of life as we know it ....  All activities are back in full swing - karate, swimming, school and work.  I should be getting back into the habit of posting.  Next update, Ièll be sure to have some pictures!!



  1. Hi Kristina, I'm trying to get the Feb 1 OLW blog hop list to you but it keeps getting bounced. Any other way to get the blog hop list to you? Do you have an alternative email address?

  2. Eek! You are one busy lady! Can't wait to see some pics! :)