Thursday, January 5, 2012

First week of the year is going pretty smooth, so far ;)

Because our lives aren't crazy enough, I decided to spend some time this year taking some really great online scrapbooking courses and start some amazing projects.  Most of these are through , if you haven't checked them out yet and you're into scrapbooking or photography YOU SHOULD!!!  Fabulous teachers, interesting  topics, so much incredible inspiration!!

If you decide to sign up for a class (or several as I tend to do), use this referral code that way WE BOTH get 10% off of our next class!!  How awesome is that!?!?

Anyway, the classes I'm working on through this fabulous site are:
One Little Word
Move More, Eat Well
Design your Life (self paced class)
Reclaiming  Your Time

I can't say I like any of these classes more or less then another.  Why?  They are ALL so different, yet they intermingle quite a bit!!  I'm finding lately that I'm really enjoying the more thought provoking classes versus the "here follow this sketch" kind of classes.  I love sketches, and I love new inspiration.  But as I seem to be spending quite a bit of time commuting lately, and that seems to be the only time that someone doesn't need me for something right. that. second. I enjoy the fact that I can ponder something I read, or a trigger I saw and think of a story I'd like to tell on my scrapbook page.

Seeing as this post has taken me over 3 days to type up, I'll save my reviews of the classes for down the road otherwise this will never get up! But I promise, you will start seeing some pictures of my progress ...  it's all about getting this new routine under my belt first. 

Next week we're adding swimming lessons - for both DS and DH.  This should make an interested twist to our lives!

Have a great week!!

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  1. Wow! You're ambitious on your classes! I'm impressed. I'm so bad at 'follow through' that I think I'd not, well, follow through! I'm going to watch your feedback on them and maybe jump in later. I'm looking at the "One Word" class. Looks interesting