Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twelve habits for twenty twelve

I'm not one for making New Year's Resolutions.  In my mind, they're just there to set you up for failure.  The year's I've vowed to quit smoking/lose weight/be "better" ...  all gone by the wayside by March.  So I haven't made "resolutions" for years.

But I do aim for better habits ;) 

Thanks to an online class I'm taking at Big Picture Classes, (Reclaiming my Time), I've come to 2 realizations.  1) I multitask. A LOT!!  2) I waste a lot of time ....  surfing, watching mindless TV, doing nothing really ...  So I'm hoping these new habits will help me stay focused on what's important in my life.

Following the fabulous Crisann's lead, these are my twelve new habits for twenty twelve.

1. Pack my lunch and make it a good one.  Seriously.  There are days when all I want to grab is a can of Chunky Soup out of the cupboard, but I *know* I need something more substantial and by 4pm I'm tired and cranky.  Noone needs to see that!!
2. Take a picture.  I'd like to work on my Project Life and have a picture for everyday.
3. Write more.  Whether it be a journal at bedtime, this blog, or a list for groceries.  Something needs to be written every single day.
4. Declutter for 15 minutes and clean for 15 minutes. If I just focus a little bit at a time, this house will look amazing in no time.

5. Save money.  Since I currently get paid weekly, I need to save weekly.  Enough said.
6. Make exercise a priority at least 4 times a week.  Whether it's that I drag my butt out of bed at 5:30am or spend a beautiful Saturday morning running, I'm doing something.  AND it's going to get scheduled in my calendar.
7. Do something scrappy every week - whether it's class related, making some cards or a layout or purging that ever groing paper pile, I WILL spend time working in my room.  As of now, I'm scheduling Friday nights for scrapping.
8. Keep up to date on my pictures - either purging, uploading or going through my Category Drawers, it needs to get done.  And on a regular basis is the only way this little beast will get under control.  I'm thinking Tuesday evenings will be the plan for this while the boys are playing video games ;)

9. Plan (and schedule) a super duper scrapping session.  Whether it's a weekend with my girls, or an online crop or a crop at the Memory Keeper ...  something to help me focus on scrapping and keep my mojo going.  This will be a toughie once the nice weather hits so I'll have to get into a good groove over the next couple of chilly months.
10. Take a load to the consignment store.  Whether it's some bins of outgrown clothes, or something being donated to Goodwill ...  at least one box of something is leaving this house every month.
11. Date nights with hubby.  We do go on dates often, but more often then getting out of the house, we end up watching a movie with some vino.  But there's no talking, no connecting .... and we need to get back to having our great connection.
12. Coupons - I'd still like to coupon and I need to find a bit of an avenue to help me get even more organized with this  There's a balance between buying a bunch of stuff to store for awhile and saving a crapload of money.  I need to work on finding that balance.

So here's to a wonderful, healthy, clutterless 2012.  Cheers!

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  1. Your goals are similar to mine (ok, I'm not asking for date nights with a non-existent hubby ;)).

    Good luck and happy new year!