Friday, December 30, 2011

Scrappy Resolutions *ahem* Habits

So while I do have some scrapbooking related habits in my "list of twelve", I thought I should add a few more. 

The trick with goals is for them to be challenging, yet attainable.  Measureable yet reachable. But not have too many that by March I'm feeling like a failure because I haven't followed through with some of my habits and haven't even given the others a second glance.

So for 2012, my habits I hope to make are:
1. Photo organizing -
Tuesday evenings is the plan.  Minimum of 30 minutes to sort through the digital files, organize for Project Life, purge as necessary, upload to Costco, sort through category drawers and storage albums.  I'm not planning to print pictures unless I'm really inspired  or don't actually have much organizing to do ;)

2. Scrappy date with moi -
Friday evenings. I'll bring the wine ;)  Again, I'd like to plan for at least an hour - but depending on whether DH wants to hang out and watch a movie or not, it might be more.

3. UFO Challenge -
I have so many unfinished projects on the go.  On two peas, there seems to be a huge interest for a support group so I'm going to have to plan out all my UFO's and figure out how I'm going to get them all done.

4. Journaling -
As much as I like to talk, I'm surprised I'm having so many issues with this one!! I have probably 3 inches of un-journaled layouts just sitting and waiting for the story to be told.  I can't let myself file unfinished layouts in their albums.  I'm a little anal that way.  My layouts have to be finished before they see the inside of an album.  I'd like to have these layouts in an album by year's end.

5. Photography -
Get better.  I take lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Most of them are OK.  The odd one is amazing. I believe two peas has a 12 week photography course, and I know Big Picture Classes has photography workshops. Hopefully by the summer, when my "must do" classes die down, and I'm faced with lots of sunshine in the summer, I can focus (haha) on photography.

6. Classes/Projects -
There are several classes on my "must do" list and some on the "they sound good but..." list.
Must Do:
BPC - Cathy's Move More, Eat Less
BPC - Ali's One Little Word
*** - Project Life (2012)
??? - Photography class - no idea which one yet.

Sound Good:
BPC - Stacy's Twelve
BPC - May's Technique book

So a small-ish plan, but a plan nonetheless.

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