Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Better late then never ...

So what is it exactly about winter, and maybe even the holidays that brings my mind back to (ahem) "starting" a blog??

Could it be the chilly temperatures causing me to spend more time on the couch with my laptop??
Could it be that the early dark filled evenings are perfect for a cup of tea and some reading??
Could it be that I'm tired of TV, the movies we have and actually focus on what I'm reading for a change??

Who knows, maybe it's even a little of all 3.  But THIS year (well, 2012 that starts in exactly 3 days and a couple of hours), I will be working on keeping this little blog a little more then regular.

I'm participating in several online scrapbooking classes and I'm hoping that sharing some of my class info will help to keep me on track ;)

Stay tuned to see whether my experiment works this time ;)

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