Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OLW Blog Hop - May 1st, letter to myself ....

Hello you!!

Today is a good day and all is good in the world.

You're focusing on yourself and healthy habits and it's finally starting to pay off!  You're getting stronger, feeling happier and in better shape then you've been in months.  Not mention it's a great feeling that your pants are finally starting to get looser...  AND you're fitting into "new" pants that you haven't won in years.  YAY YOU!!

There's a nice stash of cash growing in the bank because you're not so focused on shopping so much ...  and you know what??  Noone is missing what you're not buying and bringing home ;)  Keep remembering that thought while you're on scrappy sites and especially reading enabling posts.

The house is looking great thanks to the decluttering and working a little at a time.  You're doing a great job spending time and focusing on those that love you.

But a few things need a bit of work ...  like work.  We need to focus and change things there.  You're miserable and you know it.  But all is not lost as there's a plan in place.  Just keep plugging along and soon enough, like everything else a new plan will take shape.

Well done old friend, keep it up :)

If you're following from the blog hop, next up is Missus Wookie.

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MAY 1 OLW Blog Hop Participants 

Jamie    jmpgirl.blogspot.com
Kaylea    www.myscrappylife.com
Nikki    www.inkyart.com.au
Brighton    www.dearbrighton.com
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  1. Hello you! I love that greeting. So cute and encouraging.

  2. Love your comments to yourself. Very positive and encouraging.

  3. what a great letter! so glad your letter is bring you good things. :)

  4. Yeah for decluttering and not recluttering :) I hear you on the shopping... digi files don't take up much space right? Hmm. Thanks for sharing your letters with us and linking to me!