Friday, February 10, 2012

Eye on the prize

Tonight, being a typical Friday night, I'm scrapping. It's my "distressing, not worrying about the hell-ish week that just happpenned" thing to do. The wine flows, the ideas flow .. if it weren't for my scraproom and (very) loud Cricut being right under DS's room, I'd have 4.  YES 4 more layouts DONE!  (All that's left is the titles, and I want to use the Cricut ;))  **I will take some pictures once they're actually done!

Also to blogland I'm admitting that I have 30 weeks left. This week at work was complete hell.  To say that I work in a "man's world" is an understatement.  I finally made the realization WHY I never got comfortable here. And I figured out I'd like to give it 30 weeks.  More for me to save the cash to be able to quit.  But at least I have a plan. And an X on the calendar so it's a concrete plan. DH will be inpressed as I'm sure he's not too thrilled with my mood as of late ;)  We'll see how the saving plan goes - hopefully the plan works and I'm "free" as of Labour Day.  That's the prize my eye is on ;)



  1. can' wait to see your layouts! hope things get better for you at work--at least you have a plan.

  2. ((HUGS)) I remember how miserable I felt on some jobs I had in the past. Nothing to do with my co-workers. Just the company changing things around, making us feel like slaves. lol! And we had slave wages to boot! Anyway, it's good that you have a goal and a plan. Hopefully things will get better for you at work. In the meantime keep up your stress relief and get more scrapping done! :-)

  3. Thank you for following my blog, and as a woman who worked for YEARS in a man's field, I hear ya sista! I kept a sign on my desk that said: Behind every successful woman, was a jerk trying to get her job! Good luck to you on your savings plan! Love Penny